Okay, so it was closer to evening, but it was still misty and moisty, and I did some of my energy cleansing whilst cloaked in the weather.

Today was a long one. It's Thursday, after all, and I wanted to just give myself a boost to make it through the second half of my work day. Before my commute, I slowly walked out to my car and just let the mist envelop me and rinse away the 'blah' of the day. I noticed that I was breathing more deeply and slowly today, so maybe that helped contribute to the ease of the long day. I was also able to take a few mini-breaks in the day and used to time to play with balls of energy. I used slow, fluid movements so that I could say I was stretching and flexing if anyone walked into the lounge.

I'm going to wrap up the day with a warm shower and then a set of water Qi Gong before turning in.

Written when the Moon is a Waxing Crescent with 39% illumination and in the House of Capricorn (5°). The Sun rose at 7:11 and set at 18:36. The Moon rose at 12:58 and will set at 23:14.

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