I slept in this morning. I was just so tired this morning — a rainy three days, and the rain was hitting the panes just so… So, no energy work was done this morning. The afternoon walk was cancelled (see the rain comment) and today was hectic enough that I just didn’t get a chance to sit and breathe.

When I got home, I tried to do my morning set and just couldn’t get my mind to shut-up. I went and took a warm shower and did the energy clearing exercises. After that, I did 750 words of brain drain and tried the rest of my energy work again. That worked and I did my morning set. It feels very different at night. The energy is (not off, for the energy is there and available) more active and better suited for dawn, in my opinion. I think I should have reversed the set. If I ever have to postpone my morning work again, that is what I will try.

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