I was debating what to call this post — Then and Now versus At the End, a Beginning. Then and Now won out for brevity.

I learnt so much from these 30 days. I learned that any practise is not perfect; and that is okay. It's a process and a journey. Whilst the end is laudable and goal-worthy on its own, the journey is what makes the experience. I learned not to be afraid to experiment: to adapt things so that they will work for me, and that it is okay to discard things that do not work for me (even if they work well for others).

One of the greatest things I learned was there is a difference between deep stillness and detachment. I have been guilty of detaching from troublesome people and situations to keep my own inner peace. Finding stillness each day and centring into myself has taught me that I can be calm during sh*tstorms and engage in ways that do not invalidate how I am feeling about the situation. In the stillness, I learned that my voice and opinion count — especially to my awareness of self-confidence.

Doing Qi Gong in the evening has been a gift from me to me. It's been a time where I could relax and get reacquainted with my own energy. Playing with my own energy, feeling it expand, contract, move and flow as I played with it reconnected me to my childhood self. I used to play with energy all the time when I was a child, and will not let the habit fade again in adulthood.

These 30 days have been amazing. Now that this milestone is over, I am more determined to keep it going. There is so much more that I want to explore about myself and energy work. I am glad I took this chance and rediscovered a part of me I wasn't entirely sure had gone missing!

Written when the Moon is Waxing Gibbous with 82% illumination and in the House of Pisces (1°).

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