Qi gong didn’t feel right. Many who have worked heavily within a Celtic paradigm, specifically with the Tuatha De Danann, can have issues working with anything else. If the Morrigan was still my matron, she would have forbid me to do 30 days of qi gong. But Manannan let me try, and let me fail.

So now, what can I do in a Celtic paradigm? Most Celtic meditations require repetitive movement, chopping wood, building, raking, sewing, etc. I have chosen to do 30 days of nature walks. There is a plethora of data about the positive effects of nature walks.

So, rain or shine, I will hike. Sometimes with the dog, sometimes not.

In some ways, this will be a combination of this challenge and the first, as I will be communing with the genus loci while I hike.

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