Today is the day. 

I am now. 30. I have completed my second 30 day set in my whole life. And I feel good. I did it outdoors today in the back yard. I soaked in the sun and went through all of the ingrained postures. After 30 days, the work became automatic, but not in the way it happened years ago with my yoga set. I never felt like was an obligation, but more of a RITE. It has been something I was feeding off of, refreshing me, and setting me in a place to regard my experience in a very useful manner. There is a new perspective I have gained in the last 30 days, something I was already naturally gravitating towards. This set and this form of commitment has made me look at my magical practice in a new light, also at time. Even though I never could have guessed there would be enough time in the day for my wife and I to each do a set, still relax, play with the kids, work , relax and everything else… It's there. My set was based on delving into the primordial void, and my movements and interactions in this place were not of thoughts, matter, ideas and that which has been created as they are now, but as seeds that I can nurture, grow and harvest. I greatly surpassed my goal of clearer communication and in turn built a whole new framework for my magical work, leading directly to new adventures I intend to begin tomorrow.
Thanks Andrieh for this support.
Dylan Simon

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