My nature walks have been going very well. It’s been rough financially because of the cost of gas to drive out to the country, but so far I’m making it.

Thing is… as a side effect of a) being busy, and b) spending so much time outside, I’m really not interested in being online. I really don’t want to sit in front of a computer. Now that I have EIGHT backlogged entries to write, the task of writing it all down seems really daunting. Also, the days are running together, and it’s hard to remember what happened when so that I can record what I did. Seriously, that could be hours! I’d really rather be outside, or wrapped up in a book. The internet, specifically social networking, feels kinda stupid. So yes, I am connecting with nature daily and doing the energy work, and no, I have not been keeping good notes.

Maybe after dark tonight.

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