Today was an enjoyable hike. It went a lot faster than previous hikes, but still was 2 hours. I’ve logged 7 hours of forest time in the last 4 days. The scale is down 3.4 lbs.

I saw a cute little snake on the way. He looked like he was well fed.

Felt a little guilty about not taking the dog, but she’s such a puller that it makes hiking difficult.

There are a lot of joggers in these woods. It makes me feel shitty about myself that I can’t jog. I mean, a two hour hike and I’m spent! My heart is pounding and I’m huffing and puffing. I tried jogging once and had to come back home after two minutes because I forgot something. I FORGOT THAT I’M OUT OF SHAPE AND CAN’T BLOODY JOG! Just watching these people and I can feel my rolls jiggle and bounce. It’s a yucky feeling. The kind of feeling that is only improved with ice cream. But, I am not here for fitness. That is a side effect. I am here to connect with the woods. I am here for energy work.

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