Today is a day of PRESSURE! The phone was ringing off the hook, door to door salesmen seemed to be lining up, disconnection notices fill my mailbox, I just couldn’t get 30 seconds of PEACE! I decided to take a shower and do the waterfall meditation. The hot water poured over my skin as my troubles started to melt. That lasted about 3 seconds before the dog wanted in. And when she wants in, she REALLY wants in! She started barking, yelping and crying. Of course all the windows are open and my robe is downstairs. I rushed through the shower and felt more on edge than ever.

Screw it! I’m buggering off to the woods for an hour.

When I walked past the edge of the tree line, it was like stepping into another world, crossing the hedge in the literal sense. In the forest, there is no phone ringing off the hook, not uninvited guy wanting to re ASH-fault my driveway, no empty fridge, no overdrawn bank account. Just me, and the trees. I left Spirit (the dog) at home and just meandered alone. There was a huge bald eagle that came so close! This was refuge. This was sanctuary. This was ritual.

I treated myself to ice cream on the way home.

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