WOOT I made it ^.^ YAY.

Something I forgot in all of yesterdays writing was that I finally managed to block the sound of the tv out for a good bit of the routine and all the alishan. and that was without the sensory orb even being activated consciously.

Today was the hardest only because I had no idea what to do I figured I'd keep the stop and start the same and just change the middles.

Laughter: Other then the spots of the same I tried the Santa Snowflake Sanctuary. and then right at the end the thought came as to why should the laugh stop at the edges of my room.so I laughed and with each one imagined it expanding like a Giant explosion encapsulating everything.


Ground: same tub/stream/ribbon this time I also put any distractions like a song that popped up into the stream and it worked it was gone in a second. Next I imagined spider silk like strands of power weaving and filling me up. this didn't feel solid enough and seemed really slow. topped off with 5 condensing breathes


Automate/puppet/flow: I made a jet it took of and circled me once then tried to fire it's missiles. thankfully it had none then it transformed. yes I made a transformer. I brought it into land and then took away the consciousness and smashed/destroyed/reabsorbed it. then I made a stick figure it waved it's hand and walked back and forth across my bed. then I picked it up inanimated it and absorbed it. I notice making things is hard because you will have to eventually kill them. need to work on that. in addition transformers are difficult if you want the form to change purposefully (I mean the arms come out here, the head is there, etc.)


Emotion shield/ball: I made a simple shield by drawing a pink circle in the air then having it rotate till it made the orb. then I worked on filling it with the feeling of Love. I just packed it full of love. also used the love to heal some aches that popped up. I could actually feel the power moving up my arms and legs. once the timer went off.


Shadow : Now here I took a bit of tech from another book The Companion for the Apprentice Wizard by Oberon-Zell Ravenheart. within there is a lil section on the idea of using shadow magic. this felt like the perfect time to give it a shot. so taking the shield of love I called out to the shadows. almost instantly I felt the shield change color to a grey black. I honestly now wonder how this would of gone if I had let go more. It filled the shield and then me as I pulled on the darkness I kept repeating "I love you" Now I want to stop here and say this was all according to plan. the Idea with all the love surrounding me before and during is because you are reaching out to something. after this the shadow ask skeptically if I meant it how can I love it. the odd part was I had more of a feeling like this wasn't a shadow creature but more of a reflection of myself in the shadows. I told it to recede and I'd show it  It does and I peel back to reveal an/the abyss. and say I know I can because I am as much of the shadows as I am of everything else and from the abyss I say I Love You. this seems to satisfy it. and I work on shaping the shadows into a ball of energy. it is funny because there I stand in a shadow shield, covered in shadows, conjuring a shadow ball. I do this till the timer goes off then I let the shadows disperse and pull a lil bit back to say thank you I love you and give it a kiss before letting it go. it was an odd combo of it disappearing and me reabsorbing. I need to work on interaction with things with out turning them into an entity.

Laughter: then I Laughed some more and focused on the explosion of laughter all the way out of the universe then I uses SSS and saw the little bubble of our reality was a speck of dirt in a snowflake. I also tried making just a small laughter bomb that could release a small version of the laughter banishing. Next I finished up the laughter stretching to release any extra tightness.

Well I am done with this challenge but there is still more fun to be had.

I hope to see you all for the hangout tomorrow 5-8pm at Google hangouts on Air

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