*Giggles* Well today is Sunday so that means Alishan. The last last time I get to perform it during the challenge. also after my post I realized that for some you this is the start of the fifth week even though I count Mondays as the start. Anyways I decided since others would be experimenting today I would try this revolutionary concept and have fun with it. Sadly the idea didn't come till the flow game but here is my report. Enjoy.


Alishan:started as usual then I remembered I was gonna try it standing. that created an interesting change as I was semi aware of my body the whole time but it was like it was in the distance especially in the deeper parts of the meditation. induction was the same, but once i started down the stairs I noticed the stairs were different the space was just there like I was floating in the sky. almost like the ones in Doctor Who. The steps were clear but I knew they were there I was in the clouds. as I started down the stairs new emotions came out to be left behind, cruelty, anger, and hatred. Each one was stabbed into me they "looked" like sharp shards of steel. oddly they formed a triangle, cruelty on my left side between the rib and my hip, anger on my right, and hatred in the center of my spine. I only realized the wounds after they were pulled out. the "blades" where clean and the wounds while red didn't bled. (ain't this fun sorry it does get better) I headed down the stairs and at the second step I found myself in a cage with the lighting melting the bars then I heard a voice saying "come on out you're not dangerous you don't have to stay in there this continued till andrieh started the 5 count. Right before that I stepped from the cage that was evaporating around me as I step out I feel the chains around my ankles, neck and wrist. that are there to keep me in my cage. as the count down begins I know by the end I will be strong enough to break them and at 5 the stair fills with lightning as I  see the chains and manacles are cast off and evaporating into shiny dust. as I head to the third platform I feel calm like I am not I am trying to be. L feel wings sprout from me and then I realize it is Kaalia coming out my back then Riku and others each step a person till a 5-pointed star comes forth from me then I feel an 8 pointed one like petter carrol talks about. all of them coming out like I don't need them anymore. I get to the door an pass through it like a ghost for me there is no need to "open" it for the path isn't blocked to me in this state. I did my part and fed my divine lighting to the globe. though this time i felt the door put me on a plat form in space and it wasn't just a globe but the actual earth I was riddling with lighting my lightning spreading over the planet to awaken others that I may live in a land where magic lives to be used be anyone and everyone. Then the fun part happened during when I should draw in all the strength I need. first I felt the lightning settle upon me like a heavy cloak or mantle. then I realized no the strength I have within me is enough (argh hard to recall like a dream) I have all the strength I need within me I send the energy that was settling around me out to the others that have come to those that still need it. after all mine is the lightning that called them here and mine is the lightning in them. then it stops I feel it like an edge of a cliff. and I take a step back thinking no I merely have/was/am helped just like they were to realize my own divinity. then I felt something in me trigger calling out to power I made a little ring out of a rainbow lotus. then realized I need nothing, there is no other power that I need to call upon no aid needed. the water knows not thirst, the fir not cold, the earth will not hunger and the air will not choke. I al all of theses and so much more and as such I do no need anyone or anything. then it hit me everything, everything that has occurred in my life is because in some part in some time I willed it to be so. and as such I can un will it. there is nothing I need no book or system, no friend or ally, no one and nothing. then in another flash I realized (sorry I over use that word but it fits) that I was right i didn't need anything. but they do make life more interesting more fun. there is something reassuring in the company especially of other of course I can do fine without them. but without them things would be too dull. so I choose them I have no need of anyone but I choose to hangout with them not to use or because they have something I want. but because of friendship. with this I head up the stairs the stairs clean as though nothing had happened on the way down. then sparkle as I walk through and come out to start my routine.


I wonder if I should be posting such things on the net though that does seem a lil late to worry about it now.


Laughter: Same yet more so. the thing seemed better  but it escapes me how

drat I hope the rest comes along better then this.


Ground: once again tub/river/ribbon though this time it felt just right some how beyond words. and when the energy was filling me it was like honey then it would crystallize and the level went down. I tried to pack it harder with breathing like Jason suggested at first. Though I got suddenly a feeling like i didn't need to I would just do it. the more it compressed the better my body felt that the better it felt the more it compressed. this went on for a good long while had to stop the timer I bet I spent 10 minutes just doing this. oddly as I got to the neck I felt the energy compress more into the shape and form I wanted it be then the one I was. every scar removed every organ healed to perfect. then I finished with five compressing breaths.


Flow: Today I just wanted to play and enjoy my magic so I did. I spread the feeling to the whole room and dances and played with it just enjoying the feeling of the energy moving against me it was silvery sparkly. I tried throwing an energy ball at a charm in front of my window but got scared.I finished with a simple and easy pull to span with a thought of "if i couldn't do this what kind of mage would I be." then the reply came "I am simply one hell of a sorcerer." "am I?" "no, I am ME." with that I surrounded the area with a giant net and pulled all the left over bits of my play in till the were together as a small ball then I re- absorbed it I had a small though and a laugh that magic didn't always need to be done for something serious sometimes it could be just to make the nails red. and I turned them red and while it didn't "actually happen the effect seemed to stick rather well had to peel them off before the next task.


Shield: this was odd at first what is a fun shield? I though I could make an emp pulse and make the tv cut off. then I sad No mischief and fun don't have to be mean or hurt anyone else. then a thought of time out lead me to a shield made of shields. so I made the first and then I couldn't divide the sphere in to 2 so then I though fur but with the extra dimension that made 6 so I did that then I wanted to fill in the spaces with even more shields. but first I focused on subdividing the 6 making 6 more in each then 6 more in those and so forth and so on. Till the whole thing was full like a shotgun shell. hey shotgun shield that's a nice name. after that I just filled it the timer went off and I shrank it and reabsorbed it oddly this was hard shrink.


Shift: I made the suit then became ditto, then I wanted to try a dragon and became a charizard not what i meant bot still i rolled with it. I then decided to be more real ended up as jake for a moment then became a tiger but it was more like a tiger man and if I'm gonna go anthro i figured I'd go kinkajou then I thought bird, then fire then fire bird though I had a moment and wonder why the carpet wasn't burning the reply was only someone un use to fire would burn something that they didn't mean to. then I was me I gave myself a hug and I became part water I made an ice marionette. then it was done I felt the suit come off and I said thank you then remembering the other shield I thanked it to.

Laughter: this felt great I was quiet yet I was laughing really laughing near the end I tried something interesting I had the thought that 3 was a good number for banishing things and clearing an area in a moment the thought came that was why Santa said Ho, Ho, Ho. so I tried it twice and the room just stopped things felt a lil frosty but like the peace of pure snow. I finished up then started writing this 2 hours ago

the best part of this was I had fun today I didn't care about proof or what folks on here would think or what I'd write I just enjoyed my magic.

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