September 29, 2013

I'm home!

I was home for about an hour before I started doing my exercises. I'm still tired from being in the car for around 10 hours, but the exhaustion didn't really seem to affect my performance today. I put in some good effort to be mindful during my exercises, and did a pretty solid job.

With my full body energy movement I had a lot of the same sensations and experiences I've been getting, but today I was startled by a loud bassy thump. I don't really have any context to put it in, so it makes it difficult to analyze. I was keeping a pretty clear head and focusing on moving my awareness when suddenly, thump! While it's not the first time that I've heard something while doing energy work or mediation, it rarely happens without a corresponding vision. I'm likening it to the room suddenly changing colors or darkening, just stuff that happens when you are going through psychic development.

After I finished that exercise and moved onto my energy kata, I was amazed at how strong everything I was moving around looked. The objects were strobing violently. It was very weird to see. I've never witnessed such an apparent display when it comes to energy constructs. Today topped all the previous.

There's only one more day to the challenge, but I'll be continuing the energy work daily. It's been a great addition to my routine.

Exercises Completed

  • Full Body Energy Movement
  • Energy Kata
  • Energy Field Flexing
  • Chakra Cycle

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