I figured I'd use the time waiting for my hair to dye to do the energy work (basically I'm sitting around alone waiting anyway) but I just could not quiet my mind down in that time, so I ended up trying again later.

Monkey mind was still pretty chattery later, but I meditated and relaxed myself a bit, until my thoughts were more background noise than thoughts, which was close enough.  Then I imagined white light shining down on me to cleanse me out for a time; after that I did the four elements meditations, feeling, hearing, and smelling each element, which worked pretty well, though I was still a bit distracted.  They were all pretty straightforward; what was interesting was that imagining fire as a campfire I remembered the feeling of the heat being a bit too intense on my shins, and when I thought that my shins felt warm.

After that I made an energy ball, drawing on all four elements plus above and below.  I still feel somewhat out of balance but I'm not sure what I'm lacking, exactly, so I drew on all of them, then charged it with balance that would figure itself out, then took that into me.


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