It’s day fifteen & the halfway mark for me. To be honest, I feel a bit let down that I am not farther along on this path by now. Then the smarter side of me chimes in that I started this after many moons of *not* doing a regular, daily practice, starting this in spite of getting the cold from hell two days before I scheduled myself to begin, and for sticking with it even on the days I barely wanted to drag myself from bed.

I am proud of myself and this accomplishment. I’ve also got fifteen more days to progress and cement this habit into a lifestyle change.

Today, I just focused on breathing again after I stood and cleared my energy field. I’m into my second day off the medicine and I am still tired. I don’t want to rely on the medicine, though, and know that once my body begins to adjust my energy levels will come back up without needing the artificial boost the meds gave me — although I will admit that I needed that to get me through the work day.

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