**plays a little fanfare** I made it! 30 days straight, uninterrupted energy work. Good days, bad days and a few in between.

The meditation today was seeded with the awareness that today was the last day but that this was only a beginning. I think I am being called to do some sort of major work now; I am just trying to discern what it is.

So, how did this 30 day challenge effect me?

Physical: I have not noticed a lot of changes in the body other than symptoms of cleansing – stuffy sinuses with headaches and unpredictable intestines. I am hoping that as I continue to do the work (only in a lesser key for now), these symptoms will subside.

Emotional: Emotions have been up and down like a roller coaster, ranging from almost exalted to pretty depressed and yucky. Again, I attribute a lot of this to energetic blockages that have not seen the light of anything in a long time. I am convinced that part of the reason my spirit helpers were so hep to me doing this is that the work has made me deal with some stuff that I really needed to face and just could not overcome the inertia to get into.

Mental: Oy, again, I feel like I have had my head pulled apart and put back together. I have ranged from ceaseless chatter on some days, to clear, deep, peaceful trance on others. One of the benefits of doing this is that you come out of it with a much better idea what it is like to do meditation regularly, every single day, whether you want to or not. While this was a visualization practice, once the visuals were mastered, it quickly morphed into something that I could use to quiet my mind.

Spiritual: Perhaps the most powerful result of the challenge was a sort of divine discontent that arose toward the end and is now goading me to further work. I firmly believe that this is only the beginning and that I have some serious work to do now. Not quite certain what that work will be yet, but I am going to incorporate some sort of zone rite into my (now) daily practice and perhaps consider working more with offerings to the spirits.

The questions remains: would I do this again and would I recommend it to someone else. Answer: yes, with reservations. I’ve read somewhere that Andrieh once did a Choronzon ritual in which he explicitly instructed people who felt that their lives were going well to leave. I would not be quite that dramatic about doing this work but I would say that, if you seriously undertake this discipline, your life is going to change. I can not say how it will change – that will depend on you – but in my paradigm, when you do work like this, you get the attention of the Powers that Be and things start to happen around you. It may be subtle or it may be a cosmic clue by four but something will change.

Despite my ups and downs, I highly recommend getting into one of these challenges as a way of jump starting your practice and your life.

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