Today I am triumphant! 30 days complete and only the beginning. Also with Dylan's 30th birthday today, there is much to celebrate as we welcome his next decade of life and our growing abilities to support and share in each other's spiritual growth. My set radiated with a feeling of unity. With all the windows opened, the breeze blowing the leaves of numerous large trees, I could not help feeling connected. It felt like all of those leaves were breathing with me. I look forward to continuing this work with a new set of practices, postures an mediations tomorrow. I look forward to seeing where this leads. This set focused a lot on opening the heart to opportunities and clearing out old things that held me back. I faced a lot of fear, anxiety and doubt, but can see and feel in my body where much of this has cleared. Through the experience of teaching my first class last weekend I overcame much of this as well. Through continued work and through truly utilizing it in my everyday life, I hope to continue this progress. 

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