Did a massive favor for a friend.  It took so much time, and I had to watch much more then people suspected, and oh yes I was watching closely.

I got to do the chraka work after being interrupted several times ;(

I did my 21 songs to Legba and then rolled to doing work with another spirit, and this is were I get shakey on the details.. I suck I know

The other spirit really kinda fucked up my energy system.  Being that I have been DOING Alot of fire work.. essentially Fire, compressing Fire , Homa ( fire work).  Hell I might as well do Ogun work.  The fire work does not really affect me in a negative way.  I am pretty good with it.  I was at one time VERY good at water work, but I was trying to get active movement.  The other spirit, yep, water based.  I got good connection, had it completely connected…. and it screwed the energy system, or at least challenged some energy norms.  This is a spirit I have had trouble before with, not intentially, just have to get used to it.. I believe it will be worth it.

Took a bit of time to refocus, and hten did straight elemental fire meditations.