I am having trouble with the Long Deep Breathing, where I thought I'd have more difficulty with Breath of Fire.  I don't feel like I can get the air to fill up to my clavicle area, and it makes me feel a bit light-headed.  Ironic, because, again, I thought I'd be facing light-headedness with BoF.  So I'm debating switching it out with something else, but I will give it another day or so of practice before deciding.

I did a lot physically/productively today; we finished getting the apartment cleaned up, and I just finished a few hours worth of baking.  So "energy"-wise in tha respect I feel great, I accomplished a lot, which is a big deal for me.  I did the pranayama, BoF I am really enjoying, I don't know about making me more "energetic" overall (I want to combine it with energy absorption so we'll see, I think that will make a difference), but I get very focused and almost one-pointed with it, which I like.  

I tried a glamour again, because I went to see my parents, and I think a good strong shield will be a better bet – to at least try – in the immediate future, with that interaction.  So there's that.  Anyway.

I am certainly doing at least 30 minutes a day, which is fine and dandy, but I feel like should I be doing more or … I don't know.  I am in process of making a lot of changes in my life right now, both purposeful and circumstanstial.  I know overall this is good to do and will help get me doing more magickal work, but I don't know if I'm slicing myself too thin with so many irons in the fire, as it were.  I will have to see how this week goes with everything I need/want to work on, and then go from there.  So I'm not "slacking" I guess per se, but I haven't really made it difficult for myself in light of all the other things currently on the table.  Is that cheating?  I don't know.  I'm still doing *something* which I always believe is better than nothing.  It seems I've reached the babble-point, so I'll sign off for the evening and see how everyone else did today.

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