In coming to terms with the idea that this is a fluid experiment and I am still experimenting with what works for me, today was much better.

I really, really like doing the gentle water Qi Gong in the evening. It’s a nice release from the built-up tensions of the day, but it isn’t doing so much for me to ground me in the mornings. I really need that these days.

So, I’ve gone back to an old favourite: The Rising Light Below from R.J. Stewart. I’ve added it after my breathing, and love the feeling of groundedness it gives.

Morning (M/W/F/S/S):
1. Finding Stillness
2. Triple Soul Alignment
3. Counted exhales
4. Rising Light Below
1. 40 minutes of ‘water’ Qi Gong (Tuesdays and Thursdays at the moment.)

Written as the Moon is a Waning Crescent (17% illumination) and in the House of Leo (20°). The Sun rose at 7:02 and set at 18:51. The Moon rose at 2:40 and set at 16:17.

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