So I did not do exactly my proscribed work for Week 1 today.  I still got in well over thirty minutes of practice, and it's caused me to decide it will be much better for me to take this challenge in a more "playful" vein than the previous one.  I think that's more suited to my view of the challenge itself and also what I need/am hoping to get out of it.

This morning I did Long Deep Breathing, followed by Andrieh's Simple Grounding, and drawing in air energy.  This was about ten, fifteen minutes altogether.  Felt pretty good, nothing specific that I can really express right now.

We had a family thing today, and being that I am mostly a homebody I wanted to try out a glamour, so this afternoon I did Breath of Fire for about five minutes, and then built a swirl of blue – royal blue and varying lighter shades – energy, beads or bubbles, and fed it with welcoming, friendly, generally pleasant vibes.  I don't generally get on well with my family.  I knew it'd be a challenge keeping up the glamour when a) it's not something I've worked with in a long long time, and b) I am dealing with heaps of physical discomfort.  But I let it flow into my own energy field and held it for most of the hour car drive, growing it when I felt it was waning.  At the party I mostly forgot about it but did occasionally try to reinforce it, but I was physically pretty drained so I'm not sure how strong it was.  The experience of the party was "fine" but nothing palpably different.  

So Day 1 is done, with that, and now that I am more focused on "playing" with energy than a heavy-handed, "do this or else" format, I am much happier and looking forward to this a lot more.  Until tomorrow.

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