No fireworks, no clarion calls and no curtains today. Just a solid, hour-long stretch of Hermetic breath work meditation staring at 4:15 PM. Taper lit, hands Yoga position. Experimented with just sitting in comfy chair vs. legs crossed under me. Legs crossed definitely increased concentration. This was a meditation done just for meditation's sake, in order to strengthen the will and to experience a conjunction of perception and intent. Decidedly an active attitude toward meditating works better than a passive one. The ability to stop the mind chatter varied throughout the hour. I didn't go into a conscious trance. Probably an unconscious one though as at some point there was a sound outside of cars arriving and doors slamming which disrupted my concentration. A check of the time informed me that it had been an hour. Decided to put in a little more work and concentrated on neutral images in minds eye, first a whitish triangle, then a square. As I am a visually oriented person this increased my ability to be attentive. Another 15 minutes put into the work. Coming out of the concentrated state I was surprised to find myself sort of dizzy.
Allowed myself to return to normal, stretched, got up and did a series of microcosmic orbits in a figure 8 around body. Started to feel dizzy again so decided to call it a day. Did two banishings. First, being under a shower of water coloured purple washing away any negativety into a drain at my feet. Second, gold stars about a foot in diameter swirled through white sphere surrounding body, then placing the stars both manually and visually into the aura. Put out taper. Later, noticing change in consciousness: The world is a swirling, eternally coming into creation kaleidoscope, cheesy as that might sound… However, there you have it. Definitely connected to the meditation practices. Now what do I do with this? 

Trained as artist, was (still am technically) member of an Eastern style mystical tradition since 1980 and have worked years as an employee in offices private and public. Now in transition.