Well, that was short lived. I’ve been a wreck today. I actually need to have the conversation with my daughter tonight. I was totally cool making the decision, but now I actually have to follow through.

I’ve known that my job was up for renewal for a while. It was looking like I was going to be okay for a while. But then today, 6 business days before my contract ends, one of my bosses tells me that she’s been disappointed with my performance. Disappointed? How? I’ve been working my freaking tail off! How dare she! But yeah, cancelled our meeting this afternoon, and has pulled away another project I was working on. I have to reapply for my own job (that’s the normal process). I reapplied, and haven’t even got an interview yet. I tried bringing up the issue subtly to HR and to my other boss, and really didn’t get a direct answer. So, as things stand right now, I will be out of a job come next Thurs. But… my boss has a laundry list of stuff she wants done next Tues-Thus. Also, I’m going to lose a crap load of banked overtime (that I earned when I was working 90 hours a week to keep the lab afloat) so if I have no job to come back to next week, I’m going to take the time off and not do her any favours. So yeah, new house, new car, and looking for work. I haven’t paid a utility bill since I moved in two months ago. If this would have happened a month ago, I could still go back to school next week. But no. I’m humped.

I was physically okay enough to my qi gong today. Maybe it was the deep breathing and being high on oxygen, but it did help me feel better and focus.

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