I’m not sure how I’m going to go about this yet. I do have some goals, however: mainly I want to have more physical energy. I’m in decent health, but for the past few years I’ve been lacking in energy. I’ve treated a few vitamin deficiencies, which have helped, but I still don’t have the energy I’d like. So one of my main goals then will be to bring more physical energy to myself. I’m guessing the rest, like mental, magical and artistic energy, will follow, or at least be easier to access with a decent store of physical energy as a foundation block.

I am also going to begin walking again come September 1st. I had thought that was a separate thing, but it ties in nicely with this. Years back I had a goal to walk 1000 miles in one year; I made it to 880 something, which was okay by me (that’s a B+ anyway, right?); we had a terrible winter that year and there was no where to walk that was safe (I’m in a rural area). I don’t know that the walking will be directly tied in, like I don’t know that I’ll make a walking meditation of it, but it will be part of it simply because it does involve physical energy.

So. I’m not sure what to do for this. The Eastern stuff is not appealing to me right now; I too want to do something very witchy and directly related to magic and focusing my magical power. I know I have done energy work in the past, as it’s part of other things, but I’ve never systematically approached it. I’m thinking maybe I should just choose one very simple exercise and stick with that for the entire 30 days.

I poked around on the internet tonight trying to get a feel for what some (very) basic energy work exercises look like; later I went into trance and asked my guide and my I guess you’d call her spirit animal for their opinions. I was told that I should draw on energy from something other than myself, like sunlight, or the wind, or something big and natural, and then absorb it into myself to increase my energy; taking it out of myself then putting it back into myself would be neutral at best. Which makes sense.

I’ll do some more research in the coming days, but right now it’s looking like something simple like creating energy balls and playing with them is going to be the way to go.

I figure I will also do some cleansing, to make myself a clear channel; I have a whole lot of mugwort I could make into sachets for baths. I like cleansing with mugwort; it’s usually used for consecrating magical tools, and I like the idea of my body being a magical tool. I’m not going to be too fussy about a set schedule, like ritually bathing immediately before doing the energy work, because I know if I make it too hard for myself I’ll never get there. So I’ll just use the sachets when I normally bathe. I’ll make up a couple dozen or so sachets as prep work, too.


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