I went for a walk today and paid attention to the natural kinds of energy around me. There’s quite a lot out there, like sunlight, wind, running water, the tides, even the pull of gravity when walking downhill. There’s plant and tree energy too, but if I’m going to use that it’s going to have to be a general thing not from a specific plant. It should be big, I think, so as to not take too much from any one smaller thing. There’s basic Earth energy, too. I walked past where an old mill used to be and the idea came to me that using this energy should be like the millwheel: it generates energy from the flow of the stream, but does not actually stop the stream flowing. It barely slows it down, and it all still flows to the Sea.

I also later sat with a purring cat on my lap and did a little meditation I like, which is basically taking that energy of the purr into you. (You don’t pull it out of the cat vampirically; you just take what’s freely offered to the air. It does wonders for your mood let me tell you.) A cat’s purr is the energy of pure joy.

Basically I did a lot of thinking about different kinds of energy today.

Last night I played a little bit with one of the first energy exercises from Andrieh’s book; after rubbing my hands together until they tingled a little I could definitely feel a force between them like when you get two N poles of a magnet together. It was very palpable, and very clearly defined.

So I think that’s what I’m going to do for the thirty days, basic energy exercises with an eye to drawing down outside natural energies into it, then take the energy into myself. I may take the first few days/week just to play with energy without drawing something specific into it just to get used to it. I’m not sure of a plan yet, or if I need one; this may well be the sort of thing that develops as I go, and one day’s work may dictate the next day’s.

Also tonight I started sewing the little bath sachets for the cleansing work I want to do to make this flow more easily. I sewed 30 little pouches of white silk and got four of them stuffed with mugwort and sewn up before I had to stop.


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