This is my first 30 day challenge. I'm hoping to have fun and learn some things about myself.

The exercises that I'll be doing for the challenge are as follows:

Full Body Energy Movement (30 minutes): This is a practice that I've taken from the first Astral Dynamics book by Robert Bruce. It might be slightly altered as I haven't read the book in many years. I'll be moving my sense of self up and down my body for 30 minutes. What I'm practicing with this exercise is remaining calm and performing the movement without trying or focusing on the energetic sensations it causes.

Energy Kata (2 minutes): This is a basic exercise that I've concocted that involves visibly tracking an energy ball while doing a simple set of physical movements. The movements of the body and energy ball are to train the perception of energy in 3D space.

Energy Field Flexing (?): This is something new I'm trying. I don't really know what it'll help train or what effects it'll have for me, but an associate of mine swears by it. I think doing it for 30 days should let me know whether or not it's an exercise for me. The exercise involves feeling your energy field and compressing it. The goal, if I've understood zir correctly, is to make your energy field denser. I'll be playing with it to see how it best fits into my practice.

Additionally, I'll be journaling about any issues that show up due to my psychic or energy sensitivities and what steps I take to mitigate them. Most of these issues are due to empathic or telepathic overload, but some can also arise due to psychic / energetic / magical overwork.

My overall goal for doing this challenge is to involve myself with the outside world in a controlled fashion. I'm a bit of a shut-in.

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