So I tried a Qi Gong exercise the other night ( the first in the book I picked up from the library.  First should be easiest, right?).  In this book it's called Breath Stimulation, and you're to inhale deeply, hold you breath, and then tap all over your ribs, and then release.  So I tried that.  And I became so dizzy and lightheaded it was pretty terrifying.  Spots in my vision, loss of balance, the whole bit.  I tried it again, tapping only one side of my ribcage per breath, which was a little better, but quite frankly for myself it does not seem safe and I'm a bit turned off by Qi Gong in general after the experience, so full stop.  Im going to focus on pranayama exercises and yoga, which now I wonder if it's "good enough" but again I have no other ideas, and nothing Western, so there you have it.  It's safer, and while generally that's not something I look for in my practices, right now I have more take of than myself so it is a big factor.  I am going to include visualisations that I'm working with the pranayama, and the symbolism is going to be Western because that's where my symbol set lies.  I'm still working on them though so I'll give more on that as I have them developed.

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