I have been meaning to start testing the primordial QiGong work for a few days. I work full time, and my wife works part time, we have a 9 year old and 18 month old twins, so sometimes i think it's crazy i'm committing myself to a new practice. Finally today I went through the steps of 1/4 of the exercise. I am getting the poses from internet text, and although I found this with a deep connection to the symbolical nature of the set my lack of training in the form makes me unsure. Feeling the energy moving from earth up, and from heaven down, from the right and the left and creating the Qi balls required is no problem. I guess my insecurity with it is my lack of training in the proper postures for undertaking each move, i'm just using my intuition to do it right now. I feel like it's turning into my own personal conception of QiGong and i don't know if i'm okay with that. I'm definitely feeling energy, moving it successfully and imbuing my intent, but my lack of connection with lineage is holding me back. 

I will try to get further through the cycle and start incorporating the mandala work within the next few days. 

Part of me wants to reformulate the manner of my work for the 30 days to incorporate something I never considered until I made the commitment. Boy my defenses, insecurities and indecision are really trying to take hold right now. 

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