As Sunday draws closer, my commitment to the work is ramping up, my set and work is in my head daily, and I'm working on it every couple days. Today I did most of the set by heart, but because I wasn't focusing so much on which move was next, I had more of a challenge with my attention wandering, the movements being sloppy, etc. I also noticed more movements were getting fluid at the same time. I've technically started the challenge, but won't consider the official beginning until Sept. 1st. I am still fine tuning details, solidifying my banishing ritual and getting more comfortable with the full cycle, and how to keep track of where I am with the clockwise and counterclockwise movements. 

I also understand that when my set officially begins I will be surrendering any conscious control of how this cycle functions. It will be purely in my intuition, I am merely building a framework in these prep sessions, then blowing fire into the wind.

I did move directly onto the mandala/automatic writing/drawing portion of the set today, and I think the result is relevant to everyone doing the challenge. It is my intention to post most of the mandala and automatic pieces that come out, as my daily photo… unless of course the information for that day ends up being too personal. I love drawing in this way because, even when my conscious mind perceives the work as terrible, the purity and honesty is astounding. It is perfection due to the form of creation. 

I am already starting to feel my projected effects from this, as far as being MUCH MORE accountable for the energy I put out and what other people's perception is in relation to my intent. As part of my prep, as I mentioned before, my studying has ramped up… so this is for sure related. 

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