I discovered a large collection of magic and occult books of different sorts at the Vanderbilt University library this week. I'm not a student there, but they keep public hours, and I've begun taking advantage. I read an old copy of Agrippa's Philosophy of Natural Magic, getting through most of the section on the elements. I noticed that I had entered a trance state, and my body was pulsing with meditative, transportive energy. I began seeing sigils in the book, which have since been notated and will be incorporated into ritual soon. I have also been drawn greatly to magic from ancient Mesopotamia. There are a number of books there on the general magical history of the region, Chaldean magic and Semitic magic. 90% of my encounters with deities I have ever had were from this region. I have begun studying more intensely on incantation and talisman practices from these traditions.

Today I went through the entire cycle of the Primordial QiGong set. East to South to West to North, moving clockwise. For each direction there is a set of Earth and Heaven movements that circle counter clockwise through the directions. I am still having to focus on the movements, but ultimately I have become OK with using my intuition to fill in my lack of knowledge in the form. In fact, although the work is primarily based on QiGong, and I am drawn to the energetic movements of this system, my intent transports me away from the ancient Chinese lineage completely. My movements, energy focus and visualizations were all in line with the Sumerian, and Babylonian lineage and spiritual incarnations from 3,000bc to 350bc. 

I have yet to incorporate the mandala work, but I did notice that at the same point in each direction a transmission of information occurred. Today I was focusing primarily on getting whatever form down that will work for me, but in the official work, as I will be operating with the intent for information to be transmitted in a similar form, the mandala work will help bring that to the physical plane. 

I am feeling less conscious about using ancient traditions as a jumping off point, and overlaying resonate symbol systems to produce the exact effect I am looking for. 

It appears that I will be visiting this library about once a week, which will correspond with the work I am doing. 

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