So now that Andrieh pointed me to his Hands On Chaos Magick energy work list (here) , I am re-psyched about this challenge.  I'm not going to follow his exact layout for the work, putting together my own week-by-week activities which I will post over the weekend.  I will still be doing pranayama as part of the practice, but now I will focus on actual energy work which was my original concept upon being introduced to the challenge.  Which is not to say I don't think Qi Gong, etc, is true energy work, of course it is, but for me personally it is not what first comes to mind or what I particularly gel with when thinking energy work.  

I *finally* listened to/did the Audio Baphomet ritual from Deeper Down the Rabbit Hole last night, and was kind of blown away, although I did have some distractions in the course of it.  I am hugely devoted to Baphomet, for lack of a more accurate term, and this was really great.  I liked Nikki Wyrd's/Julian Vayne's Book of Baphomet but I felt like the focus on Life and organics completely took away from any mystical/metaphysical/initiatory role sHe plays, which is a big aspect of Hir for me.  Andrieh's ritual brought this back a bit, which I liked.  I am considering incorporating it into my energy work practices because I was so happy with it, and am guessing regular use would bring great results, but I'm not sure if that's stretching the idea of energy work, although I'm thinking one of my Shape Changing exercises will be a Baphometic form (I am planning on a few different shapes to incorporate in myself, again, more on this likely tomorrow.).

Anywaaay, that's probably enough disjointed rambling for one night.

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