So I have been doing the Chakra work… but I am going to be in the world of hurt for the fast.  I should have been studying the Gigong forms and looking for a DOJO, alas life gets in the way.

Still drinking too much coffee, not enough water… and generally was eating better, but that slipped a little.. There really is a direct correllation with work stress and things I cant control there,  I will be enchanting to fix things, but also doing the work fo rthe intations well it took more time.  So I was not reseting things like I need to because of the time crunch.  I definately drink alot more coffee to deal with work, to get the extra pep…. I know thats cause I totaly find work unenjoyable.  That shit I need to detach from, and enchant/bind people to make it go ok… then work on my own business.

So I will add some additional restrictions to the 30 day work that will help.

1.  Facebook only between 10-11 pm, Responding to private emails only between 9-10, I would cut facebook out again, but I know that some people  just contact me there and no where else, even for the show.

2.  Only 2 hours of video games aweek.. and thats mainly for my stepson's happiness.  He Loves Starcraft II and what are you going to tell a kid no all the time?

3.  Limit movie watching ( which isnt so much a problem) to time with Children.

4.  I will not be doing Any readings for clients or spellwork for clients, unless its stuff that we had taljked about before September 1st….

Because of those time crunch things, I would imagine SHIT is going to be hard that first week.. I might have to take a couple sick days to get through it and will know Sunday.  Monday is a holiday, so at LEAST  I can take the worse of this day head on.   Although I probably will try to take a forest walk, see if Gran Bwa can lend me a little of his strength.

Friday/Saturday I am going to be working on Vodou stuff, but I got to review the Gigong forms throughouhly as well.