August 31, 2013

Inadvertent Prep

Today I begin the energy work challenge. Officially. When I think about the past two days I realize that I have been prepping unofficially.

Thursday I went for a job interview. As of right now I did and did not get it.

I was told that hiring a new person can disrupt the flow of a group, and that they like to see how a person’s attitude is before being put into a regular schedule. I get that. So the offer to do a ‘pool’ position was extended and I accepted.

Now – there are two more parts to this. One, that it may not take long to be hired into the part time position I applied for – two, that it cannot be officially offered until the boss returns to work after the holidays. Ok, maybe three parts. They also need a float position for the night shift (not my favorite) but it has some great ‘perks.’ That position requires cross-training to three departments and when complete – to a supervisory position. Sounds good.

Still not done with thrusday.

On the drive (towards) home – where I have people waiting and have told them my eta…. I get the message to stop at a particular area (out of my way) to pick up some items for a faery alter. That is definitely going to slow me down at least an hour. And it Never crossed my mind to Not do it. You see, having just completed a 13 month faery initiation, I’m going to listen. I went, found the items that they approved, and was on my way again.

I am attending online college, and had to stop at the physical building to pick up some supplies, this is in a town where I have strong ties. As I drove through, I noticed a building being torn down. That building has been there all of my life. One more history icon gone. And I needed to get a brick.

Now traffic is very heavy on that corner, so much so that even turning right is difficult. And I needed to turn left. 

Looking ahead I saw no break, glanced away, and when I looked again for clear traffic – the lane was clear!! Completely!

Someone had pulled out into the lane and inadvertently blocked the oncoming traffic (yes, it was a near-miss accident, no apparent impact).

So I completed my turn. Got my brick. And then wanted to take some pictures. So I got across the road to face the building, with a natural gap in the traffic flow. Took my pictures and decided to take the back way to the college in order to try to pull into the flow of traffic, another anticipated long wait.

As soon as I got to the edge of the parking lot and looked for a way to pull out – there they were again!! A semi had tried to turn at the corner (from my left – I was turning right) and got hung up too close to a van. The traffic was at a standstill until they sorted it out. Clear lane again!

That’s what can happen if you listen.

So I get to the college and have a hard time finding the building. For a reason – they were tearing it down. And the one area left standing (for now) is where I needed to go. Another icon being transformed. The heart of the college for most of its existence.

I got a brick there too.

I also decided that it was a good day to begin my recurring plan to eat healthier.

That continued for Friday. Also a good day, got told at work that they had never seen the patient so relaxed or sleep so well as he had the three previous days I worked. Good stuff.

Now today.

I still have so much to do that I’m maybe getting six hours of sleep each night this week. At best.

And that won’t stop anytime soon.

But I’m happy, encouraged, and picking my priorities. That means I’m going to be spending most of my time with this challenge, college, and listening well.


I also have to figure out how to use this site. (lets see if this was posted right)


So – now to choose an energy theme – I’m leaning towards elements. Will have to get back with you on that.

Val Llewlaka

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