You won the first 30 day challenge.   We would like to have any willing winners to come on our Radio show, Deeper Down the Rabbit hole ( )  I could not get in touch with all of you via email but my email is

Each person will have about 15 minutes.  We will be really congradulating you, but more so we want you, if you are willing to tell the story of how the 30 days changed you.  Our show is now every other week on Tuesday, and we were thinking we would take two shows to get through people.  We would love to have you.

Do not worry, WE would make you look good and the idea is to INSPIRE people with your story, your struggles, and your insights.  We'd love to congradulate you on air.  If you are interested, just respond.  We are scheduling for 2 tuesdays from now on July 2nd.  Our show is at 8pm, but we would call you after our intro and schedule everyone into the shows.  

Your Story matters and we want our radio listeners to hear it.