I had a long complicated dream.  I will try to remember it all.  I am at Trocadero's [a club in Philly where goth night used to be back in the paleolithic era when I went to goth nights in Philly], in the movie theater part.  There is a magic show; not stage illusions, but magick, but all showy.  🙂  The first to preform is someone I don’t know; they are just finishing some kind of evocation when I get there and find a seat.   Next is “Datamancer”, who is a very attractive, tall, muscular, black guy.  He is dressed as a south american bird / transformer (robot) and is going to do some kind of space-time chaos magic a la Taylor Elwood.  He has technical problems with his show; his confetti cannon is jammed, and his sound keeps going on and off.  Jason Miller and Andrieh go up to the stage to help out, as well as a bunch of other people.  Jason was on “crowd control” who were restless.  He handed around a “magical oil” which turned out to be vodka.  I drank a tiny bit for show, and then went back to my Sprite.  [I clearly recall the taste of the sprite, which is odd, because I almost never drink sprite].  Andrieh was doing some kind of technical thing to make the stage setup work.  Then, the fire alarm went off, and we were advised that it wasn’t a drill, and so we all left, orderly like, and were chilling outside.  I remarked that EVERY TIME we did magic at Trocadero’s we caught the building on fire [that has never happened].  After a short while, we were allowed back in.  There was no smoke or fire damage or anything [but I don’t think I noticed that in the dream],  We took our seats again, and a bunch of fat naked white people with complicated henna des took the signs on them took the stage. Andrieh is directing this segment. They have veve painted on them, I think, but it is hard to see from my seat.  They start dancing, stomping and waving sticks in the air, and then there is a baby with a silly Mexican-dictator-mustache and hat in a bassinet.  They dance around it.  The baby catches on blue fire; I am worried for a second, but I decide it is a cheap looking special effect; not real.  Then the baby is gone; not burned up to ashes, just gone.  I do not remember what happens after that.

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