So, crazy Sara is up to no good again!  For my second 30 days, I started working with Bear today.  To start things off, I donated some money to a Bear Sanctuary.  I'm trying to do a more shamanic, less academic style of magic with Bear.  I did a self-hypnosis sort of relaxation, and then I put on my bear mask and began drumming on my belly.  (I have a very large belly; it makes a resonant thump when slapped with cupped hands.)  After a while, I began to feel a tingling around the edges of the mask.  After some more time, it felt like the mask was merging into my head (this was a pleasant feeling, not at all creepy)  I began hearing and smelling things differently.  I heard a siren outside; it seemed weirdly elongated.  I smelled the pasta in the kitchen, and I could smell the eggplant in it.  I began to smack my lips, and thinking about blueberries.  Think about blueberries a lot.  Damn, I wanted some blue berries!  I could think of nothing else.  Conveniently, I knew from working with Bear in the past that he really likes blueberries, so I had some on hand.  

I made my way, somewhat shakily, to the refrigerator, and ate a handful of blueberries, which was a little difficult while wearing a skin mask.  They were the best blueberries I ever had.  They exploded in my mouth, and tasted very intense.  Bear was happy.  I did a stomping, shuffling, old-man dance, with lots of swaying.  Bear said this was good.  He said that we will work together now, and he will teach me many things.  He said that we are done hibernating.  My boyfriend walked past me to go outside, and I/Bear/we growled at him, and got a little territorial; it took a little doing for me to explain that he lives here, so it's his territory too.  The Boyfriend says my growling was "adorable", so perhaps it was less effective than Bear intended.  Bear said that we will make my body strong and healthy, my physical body and my spirit body both.  He will do all these things for me, with me, and in exchange, I will let him wear my body sometimes, so that he can dance and roll and stomp, and eat more berries.  And sometimes salmon.  (Which is lame, because I hate fish.)  I will see if he likes to swim; my friend the acupuncturist says Bear is a water creature in Chinese medicine.  Bear told me to pour out milk at the foot of the Oak each day, to smooth the way with all the spirits of this place.  (I have been pouring out milk for a few months, but only on Mondays)  

It was a very physical Working, with lots of shape shifting (being Bear is physically much easier than some other things I've been….I'm kind of ursine shaped to start with.  It was also very easy to come back up to "the real world", with none of the "hangover" fogginess I had with Asulzaz.  OTOH, I've gotten much better at this than I was at the beginning of Asulzaz, so maybe it's just that.  Afterwards, I was craving very cold whole milk,  and I wanted fresh air, so I drank a glass of milk on the porch, at sat outside for a while.  It was a very peaceful cool-down.

In the picture above, you can see my Bear mask on its shelf.  My friend, Lupa, made it for me; she mostly makes Wolf masks, but she'll make any animal you have fur for.  Here's her website:  Inside is a fancy jar of various nuts packed in honey, which was a gift for Bear when I first got the mask.


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