I had trouble sinking into trance tonight; my brain just wouldn't shut off.  Have you ever noticed that when you're trying to Work (or meditate, or sleep) your brain has a million brilliant things it needs to think of RIGHT NOW, but when I'm trying to remember where I put my keys or what class I'm supposed to teach, that's when it wants to get its Zen on?  Harumph.  Possibly because I forgot to pour milk out first, but I don't think so.

Anyhow, I finally sank after about 40 minutes of isochronic tones, "meditation postures", drumming, and some damiana/valerian tea.  Bear requested that I paint designs on myself with a mixture of red ochre and bear fat.  Given that I do not actually keep those things on hand, I made do with red lipstick.  Photo of me in mask and paint: I have cropped it so that you cannot see anything scandalous, but if you're afraid of turning to medusified stone or being blinded by my god-like radiance if you gaze upon my naked flesh (legitimate fears, it seems to me), then don't look.  

I danced a little, but I didn't have much room.  (A homeless acquaintance is sleeping on the couch in my chantry, so I'm doing magic in our very small bedroom this week; lame…)  Bear told me to go swimming in the Sound when I next could (as if I need encouraging).  He also provided some intel about work (actual job work, not the Great Work); I'll see how that plays out and keep you posted.  (BTW: We're hiring both English and History teachers, so if you know anyone who's looking, send me a message!)  Bear told me to record my dreams (which I do anyway).  I did have a weird dream last night; I wrote a separate post about it.  It's strange; at the beginning of the Asulzaz Work I also had a dream about lots of magicians, and how they're tied together.  He recommended that I drink chrysanthemum tea "because it is like swallowing the Sun".  I will get some this afternoon.  

We're settling in together rapidly; I think I will "quick cash" test him this weekend.  (I like to ask for simple, straight-forward, easily verifiable results early on when working with a spirit.)  Asulzaz scored like a fiend on that test; $400 of "found money" in less than 24 hours.

I tried some Bear Qi Gong I learned from a youtube video this morning (Tues), but my knees made a scary old person noise, so I did the rest of it without squatting very far.  My BFF's boyfriend teaches Ta Chi (and Qi Gong, TCM, and Accupuncture; he was her professor; very scandalous).  When next I see them, I will ask for a modification for fat people.

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