Today at the flea market, I met a very slimy guy who had a very old polar bear rug for sale; it was loosing its hair in patches, and it just seemed sad.  He also had a leopard head, which had these very unpleasant wooden eyes and teeth and seemed really unhappy.  I thought about asking him for a price, but the guy really rubbed me the wrong way.  He just seemed like not a good guy.  I'm not sure whether that's a sign of anything, but I thought it worth recording here.

I poured out milk to Oak before starting.  I set a bowl of blueberries next to me and put the mask on before beginning. I had some trouble settling into trance, but eventually I settled in.  I met Bear in a forest, and we went galumphing for a while.  He told me to go into the woods behind the school tomorrow at lunch, so I'll do that.  We ate some blueberries together.  He told me to plant a blueberry bush.  It was a very light excursion; no real work done.  I think we're still just getting to know each other.  I'm hopefully going swimming tomorrow.  I'll ask Kuvoah to smooth the way.

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