I just finished my last session with the Kore. My candle reached the end of its wax as I started the ritual. I sat with the Kore, and thanked Her for the work we've done, and what She's done for me. I also asked Her if she could help me with my head, and I sat for some time as tension leaked out at various angles (not nearly enough, but it was something! for sure). Now that I'm at day 30, I feel like the time went by quickly, whereas when I started the work ahead seemed daunting (chiefly because of my habit of unfinished business). Thank you, to Andrieh, for initiating this work and getting me back on my magickal feet. I do want to do another 30 days, but there are a number of entities I have in mind, so plan the next few weeks to involve divination and I think three day rituals to each so I can determine who would be best to work with now.

Do I feel successful? I did complete the 30 days of ritual, as intended. I learned that focusing and "locking onto" an entity will make it somehow stronger, at least in the sense of being more observable, and allowing me to experience it more fully. I am more focused on moving forward in life, and being present, and doing. I wish physical ailments hadn't hindered me quite so much, perhaps my progress would have been greater still. In the end, I have to be happy with the completion of a goal and the progress made. Thanks for being along for the ride, and for those who are still working, keep it up 🙂

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