Today, as things go, was a very good day for me.  I can only hope things proceed this way.  As for ritual, my candle has burnt down enough that now my statue's shadow is cast upon the wall, which has a very cool effect altogether.  I have not been anointing anymore, due to the headaches, but feel like – when things *do* go – they are going just as well.  My energy today was, in addition to it's standard pale grey, interspersed with other colors.  I am trying to think of what to compare it to but can't think of anything to better to convey it.  My guardians popped in, which was nice, they haven't been present the past few days for whatever reason.  When the Kore arrived, I felt sort of a cone, I guess, or a funnel, mouth at Her end, teeny part on my end.  I didn't feel any energy or such come through it, it felt to me like a chain or other kind of connective "device."  She was sort of plucking at the air, strings, around Her, and I felt the vibrations reach various parts of my body.  There was no kind of "verbal" or other communication this evening, but it was certainly a nice/fulfilling session. 5 days to go!

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