I turned back to facing north, as that seems to be where She is "stationed" the past few days.  I can only describe tonight as "casual," it had the feeling of sitting and talking with an old friend.  She basically "told" me that right now She is guiding me towards the lifestyle that will keep me grounded in Life.  With respect to that, I am returning to work tomorrow, of which I am scared shitless, but I know in many respects it is really for the best right now.  I have reached out to an occult order I've been curious about for some time and am trying to determine if now is the time to begin pursuing that particular avenue (their main preliminary involves a 9-month daily practice, and as I will be popping out a baby come October, there will almost certainly be days missed right around that time).  I am trying to figure out how to make a better life for my family, and by extension, myself.  

Somehow I have come to have a week left and am so proud of myself for sticking with it this long, I am queen of unfinished business and rarely get very far in any sort of project so this alone is a milestone for me.

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