I don't normally record my dreams, as you may have noticed. But I woke up out of this one thirty minutes ago and still do not want to go back to sleep. It started out meeting with a fellow magician, who my boss had invited to his home for some reason (I think in the start of the dream it was to touch up a painting). I was invited to meet him, and we sat for some time and talked, and he asked me do I know what the turtle symbolized; I looked at him and he said that of course I do and waited. "Perserverance and follow through?" He nodded and said we would be doing turtle work. We both had to leave and so I was walking home, and I saw my "uncle" (family friend, not blood) fall onto the lawn across the street. He then turned into his wife and lay there; I didn't know what to do, I was pretty sure she couldn't see me and did not want to embarrass her. She got up and ran down another street crying, clearly running *away* from something. I got back home – in my dream I was living at my parents' house – and there were screams coming from the basement. It was late, and everyone was in bed (there is no basement in my parents' house in waking life, btw). The screaming was horrible, and didn't stop. Sometimes I could hear the voices yelling "bring me!" (which made me wonder if it was some completely insane BDSM thing) and saying other things I couldn't interpret. I heard my mother calling the police from her bedroom, saying we didn't know the people in the basement but could they please get them out of there. I lay in my bed and the screaming continued, horrible, chilling, and I woke up. Yikes.

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