I did about an hour of chakra work before bed.  I've been trying to "hyperspeed" spin my chakras, as per Andrieh's instructions, but I haven't really gotten the trick of it yet.  I can feel them spinning (a significant improvement), but I haven't yet been able to speed them up at all, much less to "light speed".  Also, for reasons I do not really understand, anytime I "tap in" to chakras above my throat, the sinuses on the left side of my head start to fill up with goo. (I am prone to sinus infections, so I didn't think much of it the first couple times, but its now to clear a pattern to ignore).  I am hanging out with my acupuncturist friend tomorrow; I will consult her about it.  

I had a very non-narrative, but quite vivid and powerful dream about a spider who spun these beautiful, complicated webs.  The webs, I knew, were the subtle energetic lines of "fate" that connect person to person and event to event.  The webs were, themselves, 1d, of course, but they began to fill a 4d space embedding space, like a foamy 4d Peano curve.  Rather than being unsettling, as my "non-standard geometry" dreams usually are, this felt very lovely and delicate.  It felt very similar to Bach's Goldberg variations, but I can't really explain how.


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