trafficsafety30 days isn't so long that you can't back out of an experience.  Now, we are are doing the same ritual for 30 days.  That is a pretty good intense series of rituals for alot of people.  The truth is that isn't nearly as long as people would think.  I have done a whole year on this exercise.  Now, unlike what some people say, this is not inherently dangerous.  To be honest, most of those people have a vested financial interest in keeping people from their greatest potential.  The FEAR people put into other people about doing real magic CAN make the whole process unstable.  Ignore them or not.  Your Choice.

There are alot of ways to make this whole 30 day process of entity work go well.

First, before starting, actually DO research on the entity.  Most people doing this sort of work, might very well have a spirit in mind.  Either they will have a connection or something else that is pushing them forward.  Do the research either way.  Based on the research you can kinda feel and see if this feels right.  If it doesnt feel right, it still might be right but DO think about it a little more.

Second, Do divinations to make sure things will go alright, and see any gotchas. Its not a deal killer, but really severely negative readings should give people pause.

Third, get a banishing ritual down, before hand.  Hands On Chaos Magic has a few of them.

Fourth, Give your self the space to actually internalize.  In additional to the ritual work, GIVE yourself Meditation time.  Do a cleansing path or extended Banishing ritual once per day.  This could be something like a Salt/Milk/Campor Bath…. a Middle Pillar ritual, or even a extended Chakra meditation.  This is critical.  You will need the time to integrate the energies and the time to think about your own interactions.

Five, as covered in Hands On Chaos Magic, use an Altar.  Use the techniques in Hands on Chaos Magic to limit the interactions with the spirit to the the time you are at the altar.

Six,  If things go to crazy, dismantle your altar, but be respective.  Keep banishing and cleansing yourself.

Seven.    Reality Check.  Make sure a couple people know what you are doing.  If you act in a way that is truly dangerous, have them step in.  Make the changes you need to, but actually talk about major changes with other people.

More coming.