30 Day Entity Challenge: Day 3
Posted on April 9, 2013 by rixboudicca
Tonight I did a little more prep before ritual. I didn’t do the LBRP, but I did smudge and say a Brigid protection prayer, which does include the elements. This felt very organic.

I had a hard time settling into trance. My mind kept wandering to all of the things that I needed to do, and some current issues in my life. I did the waterfall ritual, and still struggled.

There was a definite difference in getting Manannan to appear this time. Dusk is a time sacred to him, as are storms. At dusk, there was a storm. But, I was treating my hair and listening to a podcast. I ended up starting ritual at about 9:30.

When Manannan appeared, I asked him again to heal my heart. He reached inside my chest and started cupping my heart, like the actual organ. I fest heartburn, and my mouth felt very dry. Yes, I know heartburn originates in the stomach and is felt in the esophagus, but I’m just reporting what I felt. Then, he started massaging my heart, and pumping it, making it beat for me. Thick, black oil started oozing out. He kept pumping, kept squeezing. Soon, the place where I was sitting on the beach was covered in oil. He used some sort of vacuum and sucked up the oil, replacing it with luminescent, clean, fresh water. he said “that’s enough for now”. I thanked him, bid him farewell, and he said he’d see me tomorrow.

I felt very emotionally drained after, worn out and a bit dirty. I could see there was much oil still left. I smudged to banish. Tomorrow, I will aim again for closer to sunset.

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