I went for a hike Saturday. In prep for the hike, I was dreading it. Last time I was at the bog, there was so much garbage (GRRRRRR!) , and five dogs running off leash (Double GRRRRR!). I filled up a bag in 10 minutes and left. I knew that if I went to the bog, people were going to piss me off. I went anyways. The dog and I had a wonderful hike! There was no garbage, and the other dog owners had the courtesy to keep their dogs leashed. I thought that I would be punished for not taking care of the bog. I’m used to a very punitive relationship with the bog. But it was instead like the genus loci were just glad to see me. Working with Manannan instead of the Morrigan was the big change. I did the ritual on the dock of the bog, at sunset. I was in a liminal headspace in a liminal place at a liminal time of day. It was really, well, just perfect.

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