I am participating in the 30 Day Entity Challenge by Andrieh Vitimus. The entity whom I have chosen to work with is Manannan Mac Lir.

Though we are encouraged to do 2-3 weeks of research, I felt it unnecessary to do that much, as I was already quite academically knowledgeable about Manannan. I did spent a week refreshing my memory, going over some myths, and reading up on others’ experiences. I asked many on a Celtic Paganism and Druidry forum what they would include on an altar to Manannan. I got some really good any helpful responses.

This afternoon I made an altar. It’s very simple, and I will add to it as I go. It has some sea shells, some polished rocks, a censor, an apple, a scallop shell for charcoal, a ceramic dish with a triskele on it, and three candles shapes like a triskele.

I decided not to do this ritual ADF style. It just didn’t feel right this time. Plus, Manannan is typically the gate keeper in those rituals, a controversial role in itself.

I started using many of Andrieh’s techniques from his book, Hands on Chaos Magic (available on Amazon), combined with some ceremonial and other tricks in my bag. I smudged with sage (my preferred banishing method) and sat comfortably on the floor by my altar. I did the Lesser Banishing ritual of the pentagram, followed by the waterfall meditation. I mentally sat on a shore, facing West, at sunset, feeling, seeing, hearing, smelling and tasting everything about the setting. Then, I called on Manannan Mac Lir. After about five minutes, I felt his presence. He rose out of the water. He seemed very touched by my altar, like a parent so proud of the macaroni art from kindergarten. He told me that I needed water on the altar, so I got up, filled a vase, and placed it on the table. I expected him to say something more. He didn’t, he just cradled my face in his hand. Tears started streaming down my face. He was here to heal my heart. So I said “heal my heart, Mannanan”, and it became a mantra. He wrapped me in warmth, and let the ocean flow over my heart.

Almost a year ago, I did a Gabriel 7-day ritual under the advice of Andrieh. I didn’t get much out of it, to be honest. Gabriel acted like a bit of a “rules lawyer” to use a gaming term. I think that this series of rituals will accomplish what those rituals missed.

After a while, the trance started to dissipate, and knew the ritual was coming to a close. I thanked Manannan, and came out of trance. I did the LBRP again, smudged again, and gently blew out the candles (yes blew, the controversy over blowing vs snuffing candles is irrelevant). I let the incense continue to burn.

Total time was about 35 minutes. I feel lighter but still a little raw. I am very tired. I am very much wanting to complete this challenge, but I am afraid of flaking out, getting busy and/ or forgetting. Should things go as planned, I will be finished in time for the eve of my birthday.

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