I did my working a little earlier tonight, I am tired and figured it would be best to do it now than risk lapsing. Since it was so early, I couldn't rattle again, but I got an effective swaying/rocking/spazzing trance under way. I sensed a "bubble" of my energy, although I don't think that word offers an accurate description; it was malleable and made up of thousands (or?) of grey specks. I felt Her step within my "circle" as I called Her, and then I had a distinct pull to my left and "further back" on the plane, a dark purple figure, Persephone, I believe. She was a strong presence but I reminded myself I am doing this to focus on the Kore, and brought myself back to the presence before me. I felt it stretch up, arcing above me, similar to the brief impression I got last night. Then this whiteness – the presence – surrounded my "bubble" and basically imploded at and into/through me. Then, above me, I felt yet another presence, which again, I refocused on the Kore. Now she was behind me and I felt something in my neck and then mostly just became confused. I ended shortly after, because the confusion muddled things up.

Writing my experiences, or recalling them, I feel doubtful. I haven't done much magickal or ritual work in the past few years of my life. Can it all be this "easy"? What a thing to worry about, but even so.

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