To be honest, I have no business being here.

I am not exactly a beginner, but I would not call my self intermediate either. Is there anything in between? A frequent dabbler, perhaps.

Regardless, I am constantly trying to find the discipline to commit to longer workings and always fail.

This seemed to come at the right time to make me get off my butt.

I have been making weekly general offerings as Jason Miller recommends in sorcerers' secrets for 4 weeks now. At the same time, I also started making offers to Ganesha and asking him to remove obstacles from my life.

So far, I have seen a few welcome changes.

When I first read about the challenge I though about doing it without any special intent in mind. However, there is one big obstacle I need to remove that might benefit from this working. I am terrified of driving. I have my license for almost 2 years and only managed to drive alone twice.

This fear is really limiting everything in my life. It is so prevalent that even when I dream I am driving, I always crash.

Today I dreamt that I was driving without fear with Ganesha's aid.

When I woke up, I finally did my divination, which gave me the go ahead, so here I am with my first post.

I have decided to begin the challenge on may 1st and will continue my research until then.

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