So I guess my invocations were not getting dull because they were not novel anymore. Tonight I managed to make a suitably intense one again.

I started the night with my weekly offerings to the spirits in general and then Bast, as usual.

Afterwards, I offered Some bananas to Ganesh and started the Alishan ritual. I downloaded the mp3 and listened to it until near the end when the narration stops and paused it there. By then I could feel Ganesha near.

I think the part of "you and divinity are one" is a perfect start to invocation.

The time I felt more connected to Ganesha was when I had a vision of embracing his belly, so when I invoke I see myself embracing Him and then going inside through his glowing belly.

By then I started the 3,2,1st person invocation. By this time it´s when I really know if it´s working as it´s supposed to. If the invocation is going according to plan I usually feel like the words barely come out when I´m saying the 1st person part. I let myself go into a deeper trance. It´s by then I felt a vivid presence, as if someone had just woke me up.

I stopped the Alishan ritual mp3 and played the mantra mp3. I used it before as a complement while I was doing Mala, but now I use it as a backdrop to enhance the invocation trance.

I´ve been having a rough time in these past couple of months so I decided to just go ahead and ask Him: What should I do? Can you help me?

Ganesha always seems to communicate through symbols, like some sort of charades.

So this is what I believe I understood: He appeared as Ekadanta, the one tusked. Took his tusk, dipped it in some thick ink and started writing, while a swastika was moving above His head. I had a voice in my head that seemed to be narrating, though it didn´t seem to be His voice. It said : Write! Write your reality. Writing will help you find your solution,it might even be your solution.

I remembered the hypersigil technique but this seemed to be about something else. I felt the ink had something to do with it, that I should actually craft a special magical ink to write petitions (something I never use, I usually just use a normal pen).

Food for thought.

I restarted the Alishan ritual to come back up the stairs and end the ritual.



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