A few months ago, I took an interest in the Archangel Gabriel in his aspect as the deliverer of celestial messages.  I have long been interested in dreamwork and thought developing a relationship with Gabriel could be an effective means of using dreaming as a gateway to divinity.  A few months ago I ordered a grimoire entirely devoted to this angel and had planned to begin working with him on March 26th, which is considered one of his feast days by many churches.  Some oil and incense I had ordered earlier that month for that intended ritual had failed to arrive in time for that to happen.  (And as of yet, I have not done any specific work with Gabriel.)

     I should note that for the last three years I have been involved in a system of magic, Vortex Healing, which eschews visualizations, materia, and conventional ritual in favor of subtle body work and training students to channel and generate energy structures for various effects.  When I learned about Andrieh's 30 day challenge I thought it might be worthwhile, in true chaos magic fashion, to to combine those techniques with more traditional practices in order to facilitate practical transformation.

     I did a divination using the I Ching asking what would happen if I undertook the challenge by working with Gabriel.  I got Hexagram 1 ("Heaven") changing into Hexagram 53 ("Gradual Progress").  Very auspicious for a working intended to connect with an angel over a 30 day period!