So today was a long session..but it was good. I did 25-28 malas for Amitabha Buddha, we cleared emotional stuff and reinforced a few things I'm working on. At one point during the mantra work an aspect of myself popped through to talk to Amitabha Buddha, in which shortly after communicating what it needed..I received a sigil and mantra. It took some times to decipher it, since at the same point of seeing and hearing the sigil/mantra in trance- I was purifying memories/emotions. Even to the point..some "memories" weren't real, but seemed real though I knew they were metaphors, such as a space with broken glass everywhere- but you work with what you got. 

After that..I went into the Guanyin mantras since Amitabha Buddha said right off the bat..your doing x #, then working with Guanyin for abit. So I did 18-21 mantras with her (generally I'm losing track of how many malas I do- but I know I do the required #). Working with her is always nice- that said..she didn't hold off either. She basically reinforced all the mantra work from the previous session and took it further. We worked alot around anima/animus issues, self-love & compassion. She also really started shifting thought patterns, dissolving stagnant emotions, and more or less opting self-empowerment/love/compassion- reinforcing the adage "make your own destiny". Afterward I talked to her abit, she gave me some suggestions, Thanked her..chilled abit then banished.